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Why Should You Believe that a Car Dealer is Going to Give You a Car Buying Guide that You Can Actually Use?

When we began the process of developing this guide we spoke to several people, and very frankly they said, "How can you do that?"  "Wouldn't you be giving away all of your secrets?"  "It will hurt your business."

Well, we didn't believe "those people." And we said so. 

We said that customers have the right to know how to buy a product. In fact, much of this information is available on the internet where many customers go to get their information.  What we're doing is providing information in one handy brochure, with some new ways to analyze the data you need to be informed.  We believe this information is in everyone's best interest, yours and ours.

"Besides", we said, "in this economic climate, or in any economic climate, we want to make sure that customers get a fair price when purchasing their new or pre-owned vehicle."  In fact, they deserve it.

It is this belief that has kept us serving the community for 45 years.  After all, we understand that to stay in business, year after year, for 45 years, we have to continue to provide our customers with fair and honest deals and ongoing great service after the sale. So we must be doing something right.

"We have bought 4 cars from Sudbay. Our first mini van was in 2001 and we have bought   3 more since then. We have worked with the same salesman for 10 years. They give us what we want and follow up with great service?at a great price".
Cheryl Kochick, Beverly MA

"I get the car I want, how I want it, without having to go through all the up sells and everything else. Honesty, fairness and a good deal is what I get from Sudbay"
Ralph Smith, Gloucester MA

We have lots more people who will say similar things. If you would like to speak with them, we would be happy to provide those recommendations as well.  And, oh yes, during the 45 years, we're sure we had a few misunderstandings with customers, so we'll be upfront with you about that. We're not perfect, but we do everything we can to work towards that goal:  to provide our customers with the best price for the vehicle they want, and continued quality service during their ownership of the vehicle. 

We have divided this guide into several parts:

Part 1 -   Deciding On What Car to Buy
Part 2 -   Buying or Leasing a Car
Part 3 -   Visiting the Dealership and Taking A Test Drive
Part 4 -   Delivering Your New or Pre-Owned Vehicle
Part 5 -   Summary:  Your Car Buying Experience

We hope you find this guide informative and useful. Please visit us in the near future for your new or pre-owned vehicle, as well as for service, since we now offer service on all domestic and imported vehicles.

Best Regards,
Don Sudbay Jr and Dave Sudbay
Don Sudbay Jr., Dave Sudbay
The Sudbay Automotive Group

Part 1: Deciding On What Kind of Car to Buy

You have two major choices:
 1.  A new vehicle? 
 2.  A pre-owned vehicle?

The real questions are:
1.    How much car do you need and want?
2.    How much can you afford to pay?

If you are planning to pay cash, then you know how much cash you have.  But if you are planning to finance your car, you must find out how much you can afford.  There are many resources including your local bank, credit union or the car dealer, who can assist you with financing.  Like all financing options, you should feel confident that you can meet your monthly obligation painlessly.

Once you buy your car, you will also have costs for sales tax, registration and insurance premiums so consider those costs as well.

When you decide if you want a new or pre owned vehicle, you need to decide if you want a sedan, a coupe, a convertible, a van, a truck.  Now within each of these broad categories, you can choose from small, medium or large sedans.  You can choose a pick up truck, an extended cab truck, an SUV, a Cross Over or a Mini Van. 

You might have already been thinking about these questions, but here is an 11 point checklist of things to consider when embarking upon your next new or pre-owned purchase:

1.    Will this be your primary source of transportation, or do you have other transportation options?
2.    How long do you anticipate keeping your vehicle?
3.    Do you drive mostly around town, or is most of your driving on the highway?
4.    Do you have to haul lots of stuff around with you for your job, or for your business?
5.    Do you mostly travel alone, in a car pool, with the family, or with just one other person?
6.    Do you drive long distances more frequently than not?
7.    Is fuel economy your number one or two criteria when buying a new or pre-owned vehicle?
8.    Is luxury the most important criteria?
9.    Is handling and road hugging performance your number one criteria?
10.    What other criteria are important to you?
11.     In what priority order can you place your top three criteria

By now you should know the price range you can afford, and what kind of vehicle fits your needs best.  Do as much research on line as possible and then start narrowing your choices. 

Then, when you visit the Sudbay Automotive Group, with a large selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, we can help you find a car that "fits" your needs and wants, as well as your pocketbook.


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